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Donate $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more to sponsor a child?s future

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You are free to purchase their materials and teach them to your classroom or your children on your own. Or you can contact ABC Financial Literacy Project – we will come to your children?s school and teach the program for free (subject to certain guideline and qualifications to be met by the accepting school).
Furthermore ABC will coordinate and set up real live Stock market accounts for your kids that can pay substantial returns, that will help them with their future. For more information, see Make the money Now.(Coming Soon!)
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Overview of ABC Financial Literacy Project.

Every year thousands of children and young adults lack the financial resources to get a higher education, with the economy struggling, parents and students dared to hope this year might offer a break from rising college costs. Instead, they got another sharp increase.

Average tuition at four-year public colleges in the U.S climbed 6.5percent, or $429 to $7,020 this fall as schools apologetically passed on much of their own financial problems, according to an annual report from the College Board.
Every Sector of the American economy is under stress and higher education is no exception ?said Terry Hartle, senior Vice president of the American Council on Education. It?s regrettable, and it?s yet another piece of disappointing economic news that affects families. These increases are threatening to price middle class families out of college.
Research indicates that about 75 percent of America?s state prison inmates almost 59 percent of federal inmates and 69 percent of jail inmates did not complete high school. Reforming the nation?s high schools is a very large tasks, but it could potentially increase the number of graduates and, as a result significantly reduce the nation?s crime-related costs and add billions of dollars to the economy through additional wages they would earn. Increasing the graduation rate and college matriculation of male students by only 5 percent could lead to combined savings and revenue of almost 8 billion dollars each year.
The nation spends an average of 9,644 a year to educate a student
(National Center of Education Statistics, 2006)
The Average Annual cost per inmate is 22,600.00 (Stephen 2004)
What is the moral of the story? The government is spending more money to put people in jail than to educate them, it?s time we take matters in our own hands, through ABC Financial Literacy project we do just that, it take a village to raise a child.
ABC Financial literacy project is asking you to donate $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and above to any child you may want to sponsor, the goal is for each child to amass $1,000.00 or more dollars in their account.
This small amount of money will be placed in the backbone of our nations money markets, to yield high returns that could earn the child as much as $30,000.00 dollars See Performance (Coming Soon!).
In order for the child to receive this money he/she must attend and complete college, this will take a bite out of crime.
As your sponsored child progresses financially and educationally you will be notified of their progress, and how your dollars have helped, our next president could be priced out of college and our next greatest physician with the cure for cancer could be shot down in the streets before their greatness is realized to make this world a better place.