Instructions for Credit Improvement

Step: 1

Go to Score Optimization Systems Website and read about what it can do for you.  

Step: 2

Go to Credit Check Total website. Read the information carefully & become a member.  

Step: 3

Once you are a member of you will be able to download all your reports. After you have successfully downloaded your reports you have two options.  

Option: 1

Once you are a member of email your username, password and Social Security Number to

This will allow us to have immediate access to your information, once we obtain access we will submit all your report to Score Optimization System  

Option: 2

Once you are a member of print out your reports scan and e-mail them to

Or fax the reports to (323) 306-7926.

Once we receive the reports we will submit them directly to our administrator at.
While we understand you can work directly with credit check total the above mentioned options will be a much more and effective and speeder process to get your paperwork submitted.